Zentraedi Scoutship
Scout team ep 2
Affiliation: Zentraedi
Type: Picket Ship
Length: 498 m

The Zentraedi Scoutships are space naval vessels that are used by the Imperial Zentraedi Forces. These Zentraedi minor vessels serve the role either as Picket Ships or as Scout Frigates.


These Scout Frigates are one of the smallest vessels in the Zentraedi fleet but are the most numerous warship amongst their ranks. Their role meant that they are designed to primarily serve as scout vessels or even as sensor pickets. As a result, it is found in all the Zentraedi fleets where it provides long range sensor data from their advanced positions which in turn are relayed to the larger warships. Due to its role, the main mission of the scoutship is to provide reconnaissance which meant that the armaments are limited as most of the space is filled up with sensor and communication equipment. Furthermore, many scout frigates are needed on the battlefield in order to adequately cover the three dimensional nature of space. This in turn meant that it was designed to be the smallest effective vessel whilst keeping production costs low and built in large numbers as possible with the available resources at hand.

Its size means that it is much smaller compared to larger battle fortresses and these scoutships are barely capable of defending themselves against ships their own size. The internal space is primarily taken over by a massive hanger that can only hold a single Cyclops scout auxiliary. Beyond that, only a few Mecha are stationed on these scout frigates and these are only enough to defend the naval ship against other mecha. Whilst fragile, Zentraedi scoutships are still highly dangerous due to their role as the eyes of the Zentraedi fleet. Thus, their presence indicates the nearby presence of the heavier warships that are typically within firing range with accurate targeting data on enemy coordinates provided by the scoutships.


Numerous such vessels were deployed by the Tirolian Empire for use by their Zentraedi Clone warriors. They were deployed with the Zentraedi fleets to locate the SDF-1 and were used during the First Robotech War.



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