Haydonite Wraith

Wraiths are advanced wing-shaped starfighters created by the Haydonites as part of their military forces.

They were designed to be a high speed fighter/bomber that were also able to transport Infiltrators behind enemy lines. Wraiths were equipped with shadow devices, allowing them to evade most forms of detection and succeed in battles against their enemy, namely the Invid. Though the shadow dimensional field made them invisible to Invid sensors, these Haydonite craft could still be detected in the visible spectrum which made them easily identifiable. As such, they were not well suited for conventional warfare.

At least three Wraiths were deployed to attack the Icarus after it was sent to discover the fate of the SDF-3. These fighters later went into the hyperspace space fold of the Icarus in order to attack it when it entered the Earth's solar system. Two of the Wraiths were destroyed there, and the last was destroyed by Scott Bernard in his Alpha fighter. Larger squadrons of Wraiths were deployed at the Battle for Space Station Liberty, where they decimated the Robotech Expeditionary Forces fighters due to the Haydonite ability to overload their enemies' Shadow technology. This saw the death of Alex Romero when he attempted to use his Synchro cannon against an enemy squadron.

After learning that Janice Em resided on Space Station Liberty, the Haydonites dispatched Wraiths in order to deploy Infiltrator mecha in order to recover the hybrid.

Behind the scenes



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