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We Will Win was a song by Lynn Minmei. She sang it when the Robotech Defense Force defeated the Zentradi fleet. The song not only raised the morale of the RDF, but also caused a culture shock to Dolza's army, confused by the concept of music. (Macross Saga: "Force of Arms") Decades later, the musical hit Yellow Dancer recorded a well-known cover of the song during the Third Robotech War. He sang it at his final concert. (Love Live Alive)

Shortly after graduation, Bowie Grant played a record of the song in his room as he considered if he was right for the Military. (Masters Saga: "Dana's Story")

Just after the Third Robotech War ended in 2044, Janice Em, an android and Minmei's singing partner, sang it to herself in the midst of her confusion about humanity. (Shadow Chronicles)


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