Voxel was an Invid who served the Regent during his war against the Robotech Masters.

By the time of the conquest of Tirol, he held the position of Commander of Station V-1. He was charged with the maintenance of the energy web that surrounded the Valivarre system‏‎ designed to capture any fleeing vessels. After the Tirolian homeworld was freed by the Robotech Expeditionary Force, Station V-1 was operational and managed to capture the Human vessel being led by Major John Carpenter. Sending an Invid capture ship, the vessel was placed within the Invid space station where its crew were detained.

After sighting the Tirolian Trell, Voxel had him along with Major Carpenter and the vessels Captain taken before him. He interrogated them using his guards stun rods in order to determine the relationship between the Humans with the Tirolians and where the Human homeworld was located. However, the captives remained silent and his advisor suggested them being detained as continued torture might cause them to die. The Commander agreed and contacted the Regent to receive further instructions. His master ordered that the captives not be harmed but were instead to be transported to Optera for a personal interrogation.

Following the communication, the Commander was informed that the three captives claimed that they were badly wounded and needed treatment aboard the REF vessel. In fear of the Regents anger, he agreed for the captives to be taken under guard. However, this was a ruse and used the opportunity to escape as well as free the other captives. Major Carpenter and Trell later travelled to the control center in order to program the Invid Brain to self-destruct. This saw a confrontation with Voxel who claimed that they would never escape and that the Invid empire would rule the cosmos whereupon he was killed by Carpenter. Station V-1 was later destroyed due to the intervention of Trell who caused the Invid Brain to initiate the self-destruct.


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