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Vince Grant
GrantVince 4-1-
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.86 m
Affiliation: Robotech Expeditionary Force
Spouse(s): Jean Grant
Children: Bowie Grant
Siblings: Claudia Grant
Vince Grant as he appeared in Robotech II: The Sentinels.

Captain Vince Grant was the commanding officer of many vessels. In early 2044, he took command of the newly upgraded Tokugawa. In July of 2044, Vince was placed in command of the the Icarus and the Ark Angel.

Vince had a somewhat detached relationship with his son Bowie, owing to the fact that Vince went into space with the Expeditionary Force. Bowie was left behind in the care of the late Rolf Emerson.


The Pioneer Expedition

Vince was Claudia Grant's brother and one of Rick Hunter's best friends.

Before the SDF-3 departed from Earth, he warned Rick about T.R. Edwards and how he should not be trusted. However, Rick claimed that he trusted Edwards enough to make him an important part of the Expedition, later, he and his wife Jean were both at the wedding of Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes where His son was the Ring keeper.

After the wedding, he left Bowie to the care of his friend Rolf Emerson alongside Dana Sterling.

After the SDF-3 parted to the Local Group of Fantoma to find the Robotech Masters on Tirol, he became an important member of the REF during their war against the Invid Regent and his Inorganics.

The REF Civil War

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The Third Lylat War

After the REF returned to Earth to assault the Invid headquarters at The Reflex Point, he became worried due the fact that the SDF-3 was taking too long to come to Moon Base ALUCE. Moments later, the base recieved a transmission of Rick inside of the SDF-3 expressing his doubts with the Neutron-S Missiles. An accident occurred and the transmission was loss.

Gunther Reinhart sent Vince in the Icarus as a support mission in the onmicron sector only to find an black hole, where the ship was almost sucked in. After escaping the black hole, they find an heavily damaged SDF-3 and his science Vessel the Deukalion. Rick managed to tell them about a fatal flaw in Neutron-S-Missiles and ordered them to retrieve the Deukalion for Critical Information. Vince attempted to retrieve both the SDF-3 and the Deukalion with the space fold only to attacked by an unknown enemy. His attempt to retrieve the SDF-3 failed and he was forced to return to the Moon Base ALUCE with the Deukalion.

The Fourth Robotech War

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