Lancer cyclone invasion

Lance Belmont in his VR-041 Cyclone. (Robotech: Invasion Part 3)

The VR-041 Heavy Armor Veritech Motorcycle, known as the Saber or as the Brosuperior, was a class of Cyclone Veritech Mecha that was developed by the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

These series of Cyclone were designed to serve in the frontline in heavy duty combat roles which made it a sharp contrast to its predecessor namely the VR-030 series. As a result, this model packed a lot of firepower in its two weapon pods that were mounted on the chest of the rider when they entered into Battloid mode. Similar to the other Cyclone models, the wearer had to make use of CVR-3 Armor in order to interface with the Cyclone during transformation. The -H model was the combat model and the -M was optimized for field medics, replacing the missile launchers with supplies.

The two launchers carried six missiles each and allowed it to fire twelve such units of mission-specific ordnance. When equipped with a missile package, the short-range missiles tracked their targets through a standard terminal laser/radar-guided system found on the VR-041. Operators tended to make use of the models' devastating barrages of missiles and combined them with their speed as well as mobility that was a quality shared by all Cyclone Veritech motorcycles.

One quality lacking within the VR-041 was anti-personnel firearms as standard equipment. Instead, the model made use of distinctive ceramics blades fitted on the forearms guards that also form the front wheel covers in vehicle mode. These were strong lightweight sabers that were developed to pierce Invid armor and Hive walls which made them highly lethal in close quarter combat.


Tertiary sources

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