I should mention its my 1st time buying a non-manga comic book.

I wasn't too keen on the art. The faces and hair look weird. They made some characters look sorta genderless. Wasn't a fan of the Fanjet getting busted. The SDF crew eating at Minmei's restaurant was a nice touch. Roy having Rick arrested didn't seem right. Rick only talks about being able to beat the RDF jets instead of him upstaging them wasn't my cup of tea(although I understand they only have so many pages). Gloval looks strange and doesn't seem to have an accent. The bridge bunnies look weird. Good cliffhanger ending. I liked rick escaping the cuffs as it showed him to be resourceful. The vehicles were well detailed and drawn. The action was pretty good. Its only the start and I have nothing to really compare it to, but I'd say its decent even with the content I wasn't fond of. I am curious on how its gonna do Breetai and Khyron (possibly a bit like their DYRL designs I suspect).

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