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The Masters, Episode 50
Triumvirate Dana and Zor watch starships
Air date 10 May, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Comic adaptation(s) Robotech Masters 13: Triumvirate
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A New Recruit
Clone Chamber
Triumvirate is the 50th episode of Robotech and 14th episode of Robotech: The Masters.


High Command orders an offensive that they don't realize is doomed to failure. Dana brings Zor to the crash site of the SDF-1, where he makes a startling connection.


The United Earth Defense mount a full scale attack on the armada of the Robotech Masters. Dana Sterling and the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps are left behind to continue deprogramming Zor. The clone encounters more resentment. The fighting 15th does not enjoy babysitting assignments.

Meanwhile, transmissions from Zor Prime continue to be received by the invaders. Commander Leonard's attack is doomed from the start.

Zor, Dana, and Bowie investigate the wreck of the SDF-1 and find the ruins filled with unusual flowers. The plants seem to throb with power, more like sentient beings trying to make contact with something far away. Zor notices the blossoms grow in clusters of three and remembers a connection between the plants and a mysterious Triumvirate that is the essence of the alien lifestyle -- the three who act as one.

Memorable quotes

  • Sean: "Marie... Be careful, okay?"
    Marie: "Hmm... I almost believe that you really mean that."
    Sean: "Uh..."
  • Dana: "First of all sir, I'm fully aware that I disobeyed orders."
    Nova: "So what else is new?"



Vessels and vehicles



  • Dana mentions her home town, and leaving behind a younger brother. No other media has ever represented Dana having a brother.

Background information


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