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Toynami is an American toy company that produces merchandise based on various properties including Robotech.

The Toynami name is derived from the words "toy" and "tsunami".

The company came into being because of the furstrations of its founder, George Sohn, who encountered legal difficulties producing Macross toys while working at Toycom. The complicated Macross-Robotech copyright issues made producing and/or importing Macross related merchandise difficult without Harmony Gold's consent.

Eventually, Sohn founded his own company and the first franchise licensed by the new toy producer was, ironically, Robotech.

Since its inception, Toynami has produced toys for various properties including Futurama, Bleach, Voltron, Emily the Strange, among others. It also acquired the rights to produce Macross toys for sale solely in the American market.

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Official Website of Toynami

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