Some sort of fighter
Affiliation: Robotech Expeditionary Force
Type: Battleship
Length: 1120 m
Refit: 1196 m
Beam: 430 m
Draft: 357 m
Armaments: 2 x twin-barreled Beam cannon
1 x quadruple-barreled beam cannon
12 x single barrel medium beam cannon turrets
15 x heavy Nuclear missile launchers
6 x 15-silo defensive Missile launchers
12 x single barrel point defense cannons
Carried mecha: ~1000 Veritechs and non-transformable fighters
Numerous auxiliary craft and shuttles.
Crew: 2,600 crewmen and an additional 3,900 air group personnel and troops
Tokugawa approaching Optera

The Tokugawa class was a type of Battleship fielded by the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

One of the oldest Human designs the Tokugawa began development prior to the end of the First Robotech War, as such it did not make full use of the lessons learned during that conflict.

In design it was similar to the older Armor-class as its main focus was on missile based armaments and a large mecha contingent. They lacked the pure firepower to be a true ship-to-ship combatant. This led to many of the Tokugawas serving in support roles, such as troop transports. (Robotech Infopedia)

During the Second Robotech War, at least one Tokugawa was seen leaving earth with the fleet. The Tokugawa appears to be slightly larger than the Tristar, maybe 500m in length. The 8 large rear engines on the Tokugawa are the same size as the 4 large rear engines the Tristar. There is a single launch tube for all fighters just under the nose of this vessel. This launch tube has four hexagon blast doors, and one door at the hanger that opens vertical. The hanger is located behind the launch tube on both sides with a large ready room in the middle. It has one large double barrel retractable gun in front and one behind the bridge that shoot a whitish/yellowish beam of energy with a duration of 1.5 seconds. Directly behind the front retractable double barrel gun is a retractable quadruple barrel gun. There are 5 single barrel guns mounted in low lying round turrets on the hull surrounding the bridge (barrels are flush with the side of the turret). There are 11 bridge crew members on the bridge (the Tristar's bridge is twice as big). The objects seen shooting out of the sides of the ship (mainly just below the bridge on the main hull) are all life pods.

Following the revelation of Shadow technology at least one of these vessels, the Tokugawa, was refitted. Despite this refit the Tokugawa proved to be poorly matched against the smaller Shimakaze-class with its powerful Synchro cannon. (Comics: Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles 1: The Enemy Within", "Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles 2: Retribution")

Known Tokugawa ships

Behind the scenes

  • The specifications in the infobox are based on a pre-refitted version of the Tokugawa.


Secondary continuity

Tertiary sources

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