Tokalyan was an Invid scientist who lived in the years when his people waged a war against the Robotech Masters. After Zor had sent the SDF-1 into space, Tokalyan decided to embark on an ambitious plan on the planet Rel'nar. Establishing a Genesis Pit, he conducted experiments in evolution on the planet's primordial life creating massive monsters that terrorized the native sentient population. This was all part of a plan of demonstrating the usefulness of the planet as a replacement homeworld for Optera which was dying and Tokalyan wanted to show the Regess that the Invid could survive on Rel'nar without altering their forms.

His Invid Hive contained both Inorganics and Mecha to defend it but his biological terrors attracted the attention of a scout from the Imperial Zentraedi Forces. The death of the scout later brought the arrival of Breetai who was wounded and captured by Tokalyan's forces. During this time, his DNA was taken which allowed Tokalyan to create a clone replica of his body but with an Invid Invid Shocktrooper serving as the head. Despite his plans to terminate Breetai, the Zentraedi warrior escaped and summoned his armada which laid siege to the Invid stronghold. All the Invid defenders were killed and Tokalyan attempted to flee but was crushed by falling debris. This act allowed Rel'nar to be free from the tyranny of the Invid.


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