Tirolian Transport
Half Moon Enemy Ship 1
Affiliation: Robotech Masters
Type: Transport

Tirolian Transports were a class of general-purpose vessels used within the armies of the Robotech Masters. These craft were made to be starkly utilitarian and were meant to portray a good aesthetic appearance. Instead, these Transports were meant to be the workhorse of the Tirolian navy and thus were cheap, able and easy to operate.

The main hull of these craft were shaped like a tapering rectangular box with a massive superstructure sitting on the upper deck from amidships aft. A tall command tower point upwards from near the center of the upper deck with the lower superstructure extending to the sides as well as aft. This allowed it to slow smoothly by the lower hull near the engine. There were four large external docking arms that were projected from the flanks from the forward part of the superstructure.

A number of transports accompanied the Tirolian Motherships of the Robotech Masters during their mission to Earth where they intended to retrieve the last known Protoculture Matrix located within the ruined hull of the SDF-1. During the Second Robotech War, these craft were used as transports, command vessels during fleet maneuvers, electronic warfare ships and as tankers. One such craft was dispatched under Zor Prime to SX Point 83 to investigate a means of obtaining the Protoculture Matrix but was later forced to retreat due to an armed response from the Army of the Southern Cross.


Robotech: The Masters Saga Sourcebook refers to these craft as "Quiltra-Draenitzs class" Tirolian Transport Ships (pg 252).


Tertiary sources

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