Tiresia. (Robotech II: The Sentinels)

Tiresia is the name of the capital city on Tirol and the centre of the Robotech Masters empire.


Legend of Zor

This city was the home of the Tirolian Republic and was the seat of the Senate where various officials debated the policy of their government. When an energy shortage fell on their society, Senator Nimuul convened the Senate at Tiresia to discuss the matter of annexing the worlds of the Local Group which was initially opposed by Senator Zol but ultimately agreed. When Zor returned to Optera, Nimuul used his new discovery of Protoculture and development of Robotechnology to fuel his along with other Senator ambitions in taking over the government at Tiresia. They instituted the new use of Clones and development of the Zentraedi as miners. This chain of events led to riots emerging from the underground movement at Tiresia that led to the new Robotech Masters in using the Zentraedi as warriors to bring about order.

With their clone warriors and Zentraedi, Tiresia and the Tirolian Empire was firmly in the grasp of the Robotech Masters at their home in Tiresia. The city was also the home of the Protoculture Matrix until Zor snuck it aboard the SDF-1 and went into space. At Tiresia, Cabell warned the Masters of the emergence of a new threat - the Invid who had gone a rampage to retrieve their Flower of Life.


Following the loss of the Zentraedi Imperial Grand Fleet, the Robotech Masters decided to personally retrieve the lost Protoculture Matrix. Thus, they took their clone forces aboard their Tirolian Motherships and abandoned their homeworld of Tirol along with the capital of Tiresia. Being left defenseless, Tiresia came under assault from the Invid forces of the Regent who pillaged it and defeated its Bioroid defenders whilst he sought the Flower of Life. Many Tiresians were rounded up for interrogation and killed when they revealed that they knew nothing of the Masters motivation. A cutting of the Invid Brain was later transferred to the Royal Pyramid at Tiresia where it controlled the Inorganics around the planet. This tyranny was ended when the Humans of the Robotech Expeditionary Force arrived and battled the Invid leading to their defeat. Afterwards, they remained behind on Tirol and settled in Tiresia after their vessels were stranded in this section of the Local Group.



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