"The Way To Love" was a song which was which was perfumed by various artists throughout it's long existence.

The first known recording of it was by Lynn Minmei. In 2022, Jack Baker had the song playing in his quarters when he was attempting to pass an exam. It was during this time that he received an invite to Rick and Lisa's wedding, as well as the information that he had been stationed on-board the SDF-3. (Robotech II: The Sentinels)

The song was one of Bowie Grant's favorites to play on the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps's Piano. (Masters Saga: "Deja Vu") On one occasion, Rolf Emerson had his chauffeur park near the 15th Squadron's HQ so that he could listen to Bowie in silence before the next day, where it was expected that the mission he would be on would be a likely failure. (Masters Saga: "Love Song")

During the Third Robotech War, Yellow Dancer was known to have a cover of the song.

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