Revenge of the ... Women 1

The monsters within the film fight. (Masters Saga: "Clone Chamber")

The Revenge of the Martian Mystery Women was a film which Dana Sterling thoroughly enjoyed. The film had something to do with chibi-monsters fighting each other.

In 2029, Dana bought two (expensive) tickets to so she could take Zor Prime with her, an invitation which Zor accepted. When she came to get him later, she discovered that Zor had gone on another date with Nova Satori (because his brain was being controlled by the Robotech Masters). She invited Angelo Dante instead — making it an order when he showed distaste in the film, noting that the rather expensive tickets wasn't something that they could let go to waste.

She soon regretted this decision, as Angelo laughed throughout the entire film, saying it was the stupidest thing that he had ever seen, entirely embarrassing Dana. When Dana saw that everyone else in the theatre was laughing in just the same way, Dana decided to leave Early with Angie to go look for Zor and Nova. (Masters Saga: "Clone Chamber")

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