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"The Big Escape"
The Macross Saga, Episode 12
Kissy face
Air date 19 March, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Comic adaptation(s) Robotech: The Macross Saga 12: The Big Escape
Novel adaptation(s) Battle Cry
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Blue Wind

"The Big Escape" is the twelfth episode of Robotech: The Macross Saga.


Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Max Sterling and Ben Dixon fight their way off the Zentraedi ship and escape back to the SDF-1. As a result Breetai is replaced by a new commander, Azonia. Three Zentraedi, Rico, Konda, and Bron volunteer to be micronized and infiltrated into the SDF-1 to learn more about the humans.


Eager to learn about Micronian culture, Rico, Bron, and Konda volunteer to be micronized and infiltrate the SDF-1 in order to report their findings to Breetai and Dolza.

Meanwhile, Max Sterling takes on the uniform of a Zentraedi warrior while in his Veritech fighter (in Battloid mode), and stumbles across Rick and Lisa. During their escape, they come upon a facility within the ship in which Zentraedi are seemingly incubating in huge vats, perhaps explaining their size. Lisa takes a photo, but loses the camera during the escape to the SDF-1.

Humiliated by the escape of the prisoners, Breetai is relieved of active command by Dolza. Azonia, a female Zentraedi warlord, replaces him.

Memorable quotes

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Background information

"The Big Escape" was based off of an original Japanese episode of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross entitled "Biggu Esukēpu" (Meaning "Big Escape" in English) that originally aired 26 December 1982 in Japan.

Robotech Remastered additions/changes

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