Skull Leader Super Shadow Fighter (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)

Super Shadow Fighters were a type of advanced Veritech fighter developed by the forces of the Robotech Expeditionary Force.


These craft were based on the VFA-6X Shadow Fighter and contained a number of experimental modifications along with armored booster attachments designed to extend the capabilities as well as firepower of the fighter in space. Among these upgrades were sets of boosters and missile packs which were attached to the Alpha Fighter section of the Shadow Fighter. The additional thruster and weapons bay were in contrast attached to the Beta Fighter section of the Veritech. These modifications led to an increased load on the spaceframe design of the Fighter which was pushed it to its very limit. This was why Super Shadow Fighters were not practical in atmospheric environments.

In addition, these craft used Shadow Devices like the original Shadow Fighter and could be equipped with Synchro cannons.


By the onset of the Fourth Robotech War, prototype Super Shadow Fighters were undergoing field testing at Space Station Liberty. At this time, the Haydonites embarked on their plans to eliminate civilizations that used Protoculture and betrayed their Human allies in the REF. This led to the Battle of Space Station Liberty where Captain Vince Grant discovered that the Shadow Technology contained traps installed by the Haydonites, who could then destroy any craft that utilized their advanced technology. As such, Skull Squadron under Lieutenant Commander Maia Sterling were forced to retreat and find new mecha without Shadowtech systems.

They discovered the Super Shadow Fighters in the Robotech Factory Satellite where their Shadow Devices were not fully implemented for combat. As a result, they were easily removed or disconnected along with the Synchro Cannons which could be overloaded by Haydonite Disruptor Waves. During her briefing with the surviving Skull Squadron, Lieutenant Commander Sterling informed her pilots that the Super Shadow Fighters were faster, more maneuverable and had weapon systems packing a greater punch. However, with the removal of the Shadow Technology, they were similar to the old Alpha Fighters with her stating that they needed to rely on skill over technology.

Super Shadow Fighters were used by Skull Squadron to combat the Haydonite attackers and provided enough time for the crew of Space Station Liberty to escape onboard the Ark Angel.


  • Much of the background notes comes from the concept art designs from "The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles".


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