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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.


Invid Station V-1.

Station V-1 was a large space station created by the Invid resembling a spherical Hive.


The huge station was capable of generating an energy power field across space which resembled a web. This field was able to capture and disable starships attempting to travel through it which left them helpless as well as at the mercy of the Invid. The vessel would be trapped within the space net where it would be forcibly taken by an Invid capture ship. This captured ship would be taken to the cavernous hanger of the space station. In addition, it included detention facilities as well as a laboratory for dissection of subjects. A control center was located in the core of the station which housed an Invid Brain.


This facility was constructed on the edges of the Valivarre system‏‎ after the planet Tirol was conquered by the Regent. The station was operational following its liberation by the Robotech Expeditionary Force where it was under the control of Commander Voxel. After the liberation of the Tirolians, they decided to ally themselves with the Pioneer Expedition who learnt that the Robotech Masters had departed for Earth. Thus, a task force was assembled by Major John Carpenter who was accompanied by the Tiresian Trell to combat the Masters. Their journey through hyperspace was disrupted by the power field from Station V-1. The disabled ship was taken by an Invid capture ship so that the Human crew could be interrogated by Commander Voxel.

The Humans crew were taken to detention facilities whilst Trell along with Major Carpenter and the ships Captain were personally seen by Vowel. He would later send the three back to the prisons until he received further instruction from the Regent. However, the Regent ordered that no harm come to the captives. This allowed Trell and his two Human allies to pretend to had been injured thus necessitating their recovery from the REF vessels medical facilities. They used this opportunity to free themselves and later allow their comrades to escape the prison facilities. Whilst the crew evacuated to their ship whilst Major Carpenter and Trell attacked the control center in order to program the Invid Brain to self destruct. This act caused Station V-1 to explode and allowed the REF ship to escape to continue its mission to Earth as well as free the Valivarre System from its power field.



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