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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.


Sorcen - after conversion. (Worlds Of Robotech: Crystal World 1: Prisoners of Spheris)

Sorcen was a male Tirolian who was a geologist that served within the ranks of the Robotech Masters. He served as a scientist to the governor assigned to the planet Spheris after it was conquered by the Tirolians. During this time, Sorcen met with the Spherisians and became fascinated by the race and their world. Corun served as a house servant to Sorcen who catalogued the mineral wealth of the planet and studied the Spherisians as he was fascinated by their silicon nature as well as how rock-like creatures would be alive.

During this time, he taught a young Corun about Tiresian culture and technology. The Spherisian Corun remembered Sorcen fondly as not being an evil being but a person that simply served an evil empire. One day, Spheris came under attack from the Invid and Sorcen quickly took Corun to safety. As the attack came, Sorcen threw the young Spherisian to another servant to save him when an energy blast struck thus killing the Tirolian. Corun would always be thankful to Sorcen for his sacrifice and used him as an example of the fact that not all aliens were evil. The Spherisian would later tell the tale of Sorcen to his son, Beryl.

In reality, Sorcen was not killed but captured by the Invid who transformed him into a cybernetic Servoid with no memory of his past. When young Beryl was captured, the Invid had the Servoid take the boy to the detention cells. After he did so, a flicker of memory came upon Sorcen and he believed that Beryl was his father - Corun. Thus, he became fixated on saving him and broke him out of the cell whereupon he attacked the Invid. Outside the Hive, Spherisians had arrived to rescue Beryl and Sorcen threw Beryl to Corun and urged them to run. Upon being shot in the back, Sorcen was left deactivated and the Invid wondered why he malfunctioned. They ordered his body to be taken back to Xeno-Biology where they intended to fix the Servoid once more.


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