The Macross Saga, Episode 24
A Miriya of Her Own
Air date 4 April, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Adapted From "Good-bye Girl"
Comic adaptation(s) Robotech: The Macross Saga 24: Showdown
Robotech: Love & War, Part 5
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"Showdown" is the twenty-fourth episode of Robotech: The Macross Saga.


With the intelligence provided by the defecting Zentraedi, Lisa Hayes secretly returns to Earth to persuade the government that peaceful coexistence is possible. Meanwhile, Max Sterling and Miriya meet face-to-face, and Lynn Kyle proposes to his cousin.


Miria Derp

The alien defectors have provided captain Gloval and First Officer Hayes with new hope that peaceful co-existence is possible between the people of Earth and the Zentraedi. In light of this development, Lisa volunteers to return secretly to Earth and try once again to persuade her father, Admiral Hayes, and the other military commanders to begin peace negotiations with the alien leaders.  Her shuttle was attacked while it was en-route, and the attack is repelled by Rick piloting a Super Valkyrie

As Lisa prepares to do verbal battle with the military, Miriya encounters Max Sterling at the video arcade. She feels certain that she’ll win at any game he chooses to play. She is defeated time after time. Meanwhile, Max finds himself enchanted with this unusual girl and makes a date to meet her at the park the next day.

After Lisa speaks with her father, it first seemed that the government would accept a peace conference. In reality, it is a plan to catch the Zentradi off guard by getting the enemy vessels in position before firing the Grand Cannon.

Lynn Minmei is greeted by the press corps as she leaves the hospital with the now-recovered Lynn Kyle. The press makes much of the fact that she spends so much time with her cousin, who was wounded at the concert on the day the aliens attacked within the city. Kyle astounds her by proposing marriage on the hospital steps in front of the crowd. Rick was upset about seeing the press conference, although Claudia gave Rick a suggestion to foster a relationship with Lisa Hayes instead.

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Background information

"Showdown" was based on the original Japanese episode of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross entitled "Gubbai Gāru" (Meaning "Good-bye Girl" in English) that was aired 3 April, 1983 in Japan.

Robotech Remastered additions/changes

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  • Although the date was arranged for 9:00 tomorrow morning, the next episode instead shows the date occurring at night.

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For the Macross equivalent, visit Good-bye Girl.

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