Second Lieutenant Shawn Arnold was a pilot assigned to Project Valkyrie. He was the brother of Steve Arnold.


Arnold and Greg were launched to assist Roy Fokker in defending Jan Morris's transporter after it came under attack by Anti-Unification League fighters. (Robotech: From the Stars: "The Program") Both pilots again came to the aid of Fokker during a second attack by Anti-Unification League fighters. (Robotech: From the Stars: "Conflict of Interest")

After Project Valkyrie was suspended, Arnold was reassigned to the Armor-1 space platform. Once arriving on Armor-1 Arnold revealed his true nature as an Anti-Unification League supporter by hijacking the space platform. Arnold, along with his other conspirators, were killed by Fokker when he destroyed the bridge of the vessel. (From the Stars: "The Gathering Storm", "Commitment")

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