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SLV-111 Daedalus
Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
Type: Daedalus-class Submersible Landing Ship
Length: 488 m
Beam: 60 m
Draft: 74 m
Crew: Ships' crew (1660 men),
Mecha operations & support (80 men),

Command staff personnel (450 men).


On Earth:

Macross Island in the South Pacific was the launch point for the Battlefortress SDF-1. Around the island on the day of the launch were Earth Defense ships. These ships were not flight capable, they were just there for supply; the carriers were transporting supplies and fighters to the island to be loaded, or were apart of the air show in celebration for the launch.

When the Zentraedi attacked Macross Island the surrounding forces counter attacked in a move to save the Battlefortress. Carriers: Daedalus, and Prometheus both aided in the defense, sending any fighters and support to the island, after the SDF-1 took off they were left behind on Earth. However, when the ship activated a Space Fold, many of them were snatched by it, along with Macross Island.

With the Daedalus not designed for space, it was immediately docked to the starboard side of the SDF-1. This later greatly helped the ship, by giving it the Daedalus mecha bays. Also after the Pinpoint Barrier System was created the SDF-1 when in attack mode could use the Daedalus as a battering ram. This is when the Daedalus is inside an enemy ships hull and the front bay door would open up the front and squadrons of Destroids would fire missiles throughout the interior of the enemies' ship. This would later be penned as the Daedalus Maneuver.

When the SDF-1 transformed the Daedalus became the right arm.

After the ship initially returned to Earth, the enemy Zentraedi sent a ship on a suicide run to destroy the SDF-1 on Earth. During this battle Captain Gloval ordered Commander Hayes to initiate the Daedalus Maneuver, which sent the Daedalus smashing through the mid section of the enemy ship, launching missiles to destroy the ship from the inside out. This literally backfired, as Veritech pilot Rick Hunter was caught in the path of the missiles and severely injured. ("Battle Cry")

The Daedalus carried Destroids, reconnaissance planes (cats eye), various shuttles and helicopters. After it was attached to the SDF-1, the SDF-1 had full use of the Destroids in battle. Prior to each battle two Monster Destroids were moved from the Daedalus to the outside forward edges of the SDF-1's bridge for extra protection. Several Defender/Excalibur Destroids and a handful of Spartan Destroids were deployed from the Daedalus mainly to the flight deck of the Daedalus, several more Excalibur and Defender Destroids were also moved to upper rear half of the SDF-1's main cannons for further protection in battle.

In the Daedalus Maneuver five Excalibur Destroids were positioned at the front of the Daedalus and another three Monster Destroids positioned behind those for the missile attack. Three Monster Destroids side by side inside the front of the Daedalus gives the Daedalus a beam of 100 m.


For the Macross equivalent, visit SLV-111 Daedalus.

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