Lancer in battle

Lancers fighting the Zentraedi. (Robotech: The Macross Saga: "Boobytrap")

The SF-3A Lancer II was a Human designed space fighter.

The Lancer was in operation by 2006, where they were launched against the YF-1 Valkyrie by the hijackers of Armor-1. The Lancer proved to be no match for the Veritech prototype. (Robotech: From the Stars comic: "Commitment")

In 2009, Armor-2 and Armor-10 launched Lancer fighters to intercept a Zentraedi scout group heading for Earth. They were mostly ineffective against the Zentraedi warships, which broke through the fighters. (Robotech: The Macross Saga: "Boobytrap")

Lancer 2006

The SF-3 Lancer in 2006.Robotech: From the Stars comic: "Commitment"




For the Macross equivalent, visit SF-3A Lancer II.

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