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Roy Fokker
Hunting For Pinapple Salad
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 1979
Died: 2010
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.95 m
Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
Father: Dan Fokker (biological)
Pop Hunter (adopted)
Siblings: Rick Hunter (adopted family)
Voice Actor: Dan Woren

Roy Fokker was a celebrated human fighter pilot of the Global War and First Robotech War.

Roy was adopted by Pop Hunter after the death of his biological father Dan Fokker. A gifted pilot from youth, he flew in Pop's flying circus before joining the military during the Global War. However, after the Macross Incident, he joined the newly formed Robotech Defense Force in their attempts to discover the secrets behind the alien technology.

He would go on to command the celebrated Skull Squadron and was part of the SDF-1's fighter pilot complement during its long transition from Pluto back to Earth. Not long before the SDF-1 returned to Earth Fokker was injured in battle and later succumbed to his injuries.



Roy Fokker young

Roy cries at the funeral of his father, as "Pops" Hunter comforts him (Robotech/Voltron: 2)

Roy Fokker was a gifted and natural pilot, a skill he inherited from his father, Dan Fokker. Following his father's death, Fokker was adopted by Mitchell Hunter, a close friend of his father. It was at his father's funeral that Roy agreed to join the Hunter family, as well as treat Rick as his own brother (Robotech/Voltron: 2).

At some point, Fokker joined Hunter's Flying Circus as a performer. Fokker's skills as a pilot lead him do things that other pilots could not, and his risky behaviour saw him clash with Pop Hunter over his recklessness. (Robotech: From the Stars: Promises)

Around six months prior to the arrival of the SDF-1 Fokker enlisted into the United States Navy as a pilot. While he had no wish to kill other humans he saw it as his duty to respond to his nation's call to war. Rick was sad to see his big brother go but Fokker appeased Rick by promising to return to the circus once the war was over. (Comic: "Robotech: From the Stars 0: Promises")

Fokker Macross Incident

Fokker observes the immediate aftermath of the "Macross Incident".

Fokker was assigned to the celebrated Skull Squadron where he would become the faster person in their history to reach double ace. While Fokker's skills saw him accrue kills quickly and allowed him to get through battles without a scratch he was not so lucky with his wingmen losing five in six months. During an engagement with unknown forces near Macross Island Fokker lost his sixth wingman but nearly single-handed destroyed an enemy squadron. As Fokker battled a bright light appeared in the sky heading towards him. Fokker realising the danger managed to get enough distance between him managed to put enough distance between him and the unknown object to prevent him meeting the same fate as the rest of the carrier battle group.("Robotech: From the Stars 1: From the Stars")

Fokker was then assigned to Ontario base defending the Fifth Quadrant. During his service there he met Claudia Grant and started an intimate relationship with her.

in 2005, Fokker returned to Pop Hunter's Flying Circus like he promised having resigned his commission in the miliary. However, his stay was very short lived as Admiral Donald Hayes offered him a new role in the United Earth Forces as a test pilot. Fokker accepted the offer, turning his back on his promise to return to the flying circus. Fokker was dispatched back to Macross Island were he joined in the secretive, Project Valkyrie. (Comic: "Robotech: From the Stars 2: Call to Duty")

First Robotech War

Roy in Veritech
Roy Fokker was present at the intended launch date of the SDF-1.


During a brief confrontation outside the SDF-1, Roy Fokker suffered severe injuries which caused him to loose blood. For reasons unknown, he did not seek medical attention and instead went to the house of his fiancé for his promised Pineapple Salad. Claudia remarked upon how terrified she gets when he is in the air, noting that at some points she believed pilots acted as if their duty was a game. Roy responded, as if to himself, “It isn’t a game, Claudia... It has never been a game," before passing out: large, bloody bullet holes apparent in his back.

Roy died on the way to the hospital due to blood loss. (Macross Saga: Farewell, Big Brother)

He was buried at sea a short time later, (Robotech: Love & War) and was greatly mourned by those on board the space-fortress.

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