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Romy was the founder of the Blue Angels gang and the ex-boyfriend of Rook Bartley. The Angels defended the people of Cavern City from the antagonistic Red Snakes, but Romy eventually decided to dissolve the Angels as he no longer wanted to play childish games. Romy and the other Angels had headed to her rescue but were attacked separately, as Rook was convinced by the Snakes that the Angels had abandoned her. The next day, Rook was ambushed and over taken by the Snakes and left shortly afterwards.

Romy began working to transport rations to those in the city, while the Snakes continued to be abusive to the women in the town as their numbers grew to 500 times what it had once been. Romy also joined in a relationship with Rook's little sister, Lilly. When Rook returned to the city, she grew angry at Romy for abandoning her, but soon learned the truth and grew to understand why he decided to move on past the gang. Rook challenged the Snakes' leader, Snake Eyes, to a chicken race across a small beam, which she won. Shortly after, she protected the city from an attack of Invid forces, before deciding to leave once again. Before she left, she attempted to convince Lilly and Romy that she and Rand were in a relationship. (New Generation: Hard Times)