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Robotech Saga Wiki is a collaborative website about Harmony Gold's hit cartoon franchise, ROBOTECH.

This wiki's purpose is to be an encyclopedia of canon and licensed information concerning Robotech.

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Macross Island

Macross Island was an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. In 1999, the island was the site of the crash landing of the SDF-1. In 1999, the USS Kenosha was on a mission to track the SSGN Minsk near Macross Island. The Kenosha and its battlegroup were sunk by the arrival of the SDF-1. (Comic: Robotech: From the Stars 1: From the Stars, Macross Saga: Booby Trap, et al.)

Following the crash people moved to Macross to study the alien vessel and the city of Macross City was built around the crashed vessel. (Robotech: The Macross Saga: "Boobytrap"; Comic: Robotech: From the Stars 1: From the Stars) Macmartin Island was a close neighbor of Macross and was the location of a United Earth military installation that was responsible for the testing of the first Veritech fighters. (Comic: Robotech: From the Stars 2: Call to Duty)

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