The satellite. (MS: Viva Miriya)

Robotech Factory Satellites are large automated space stations developed by the Robotech Masters for the Zentraedi. These structures were designed with the purpose of repairing both mecha and starships. In addition, they were responsible for creating new warships with some being so powerful that they could destroy entire planets in a single blast.

Robotech factory satelite

The Robotech Factory Satellite upon a later visit. (Robotech II: The Sentinels)

One such installation was operated by Commander Reno of the Imperial Zentraedi Forces. During the First Robotech War, the Imperial Grand Fleet along with Dolza were destroyed at the hands of the crew of the SDF-1 and their Zentraedi allies. Eventually, Exedore revealed that they had located the Factory Satellite a hundred parsecs away from Earth, and thus a Robotech Defense Force mission was launched to occupy it.

This task force was under the command of Breetai who led his joint forces in an assault against Reno who was ultimately killed in the struggle. Thus, the Factory Satellite was occupied by the United Earth Government, who used a space fold to relocate it near Earth space. The station would prove vital in the creation of the SDF-3 and was the launch platform for the Pioneer Expedition after it was established by the Robotech Expeditionary Force. Through the resources of the satellite, they were able to construct a reasonable facsimile of a Tirolian vessel as part of a peace mission to Tirol.


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