Robotech: Love & War, Part 6 is the sixth and final issue of the comic series Robotech: Love & War. It includes the final issue of the back-up comic series Robotech: Little White Dragon.


Dana Sterling finishes recounting the meeting of her parents, Max and Miriya, but then tells how her birth directly lead to another victory in the First Robotech War.


Max waited in the park for Miriya to show up, thinking he was about to embark on a first date, while she skulked nearby, having planned to assassinate the Veritech fighter ace. Miriya attacked with a knife, but was quickly disarmed. She asked that Max kill her swiftly so that she might not be dishonored, but he was smitten: he asked for her hand in marriage instead.

Having later witnessed the marriage ceremony via a recorded feed, Zentraedi leaders Breetai and Exedore decided to launch an attack, interrupting what they saw as an offensive secret weapon that could topple Zentraedi culture. During the ensuing battle, Miriya showed Max how to disable the enemy Battlepods without killing the pilots, which lead to a merciful victory.

The narrative ended as Dana's tale was interrupted by a transmission from Colonel Jonathan Wolfe who gave Dante and the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps the all-clear to escape Earth and rendezvous with the Robotech Expeditionary Force. As Dana and Bowie climbed aboard the ship, Bowie asked for one more tale.

Dana recounted that back in 2013, a year after her birth, she was show by her father and mother to the Zentraedi aboard the Robotech Factory Satellite, "defeating" the giant-sized hold-outs there by revealing what human culture and love could create.

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