Robotech: Love & War, Part 5 is the fifth issue of the comic series Robotech: Love & War. It included issue 5 of the back-up comic series Robotech: Little White Dragon.

Plot summary

The SDF-1 had settled in the Ontario Quadrant, and while Max and Ben helped Rick celebrate receiving a fixed up Skull-One, they were interrupted by another one of Khyron's attacks. During the battle, the SDF-1's shields overloaded and blow, killing Ben and crippling Khyron's ship.

Max informed Ben's parents, revealing how he failed to watch over Ben as his mother had requested, but she forgave him. Meanwhile, Miriya, as a Micronian spy, stood nearby and listened in.

Later, Corporal Jansen was assigned by Rick to Max's command, and the two of them were tasked with some team-bonding that involved attending the premier of Little White Dragon, which Miriya then followed them to, and afterward, met Max face-to-face for the first time as they battled over a Veritech fighter-based simulation video game. Max defeated the Zentraedi warrior, and -- smitten by her -- convinced her to join him on a date in the park later. Little did he know, she had plans to assassinate him there.



Vessels and vehicles

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Behind the Scenes

Like the previous issue, a date notation at the beginning of the comic places the events in the wrong year; this time, in 2031, when they should be in the year 2011.

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