This article appears in a source that is not canon, being neither a Primary or Secondary source of continuity. This could be a defunct novel, comic, or even an entire source that was never made. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

Remes was a male Tirolian clone that served within the forces of the Robotech Masters. As was the case with the Triumvirate, he was grown alongside two other clones of the same template which included Gerok and Skang.

He was part of the Robotech Masters forces that had arrived on Earth to claim the Protoculture Matrix within the ruined shell of the SDF-1. During this time, he along with his triumvirate battled the Human forces of the United Earth Forces. In the heat of battle, both Gerok and Skang were seemingly killed in battle whilst Remes's own Bioroid crashed on the Moon where he was in a hibernative coma.

Remes was awakened from this sleep by the Human forces of ALUCE II that had taken shelter in the moon during the conquest of the Earth by the Invid. In this time, Remes struggled to be among the Humans and faced nightmares where he felt that his triumvirate was still alive. To cope, he became friends with Lance "Lancer" Belmont and asked him to sing, as his peaceful voice brought about the calming affect associated with the Cosmic Harp.

At one point, Remes escaped the ALUCE base and journeyed to the surface of the moon where he discovered two more Bioroid pilots that had been in hibernation similar to himself. After awakening them, Remes was delighted to know that he would no longer be alone and would be amongst his own kind.

He later aided the ALUCE forces during Dangao's Zentraedi uprising. Following that event, Remes took his Bioroid to participate in the attack on Reflex Point where he died in battle alongside Dangao as they both fought together against the Invid.


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