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"Reflex Point"
Robotech: The New Generation, Episode 83
Marlene cut
Air date 26 June, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
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Reflex Point is the 83rd episode of Robotech, part of Robotech: The New Generation.


As the Group enters Reflex point, they come across a REF graveyard with no known suvivors, the group is attacked by Invids and they shot them down, later, as the group watches how an Invid simulagent bleeds green blood, an REF Scout named Sue Graham appears.  


Nearing Reflex Point, the resistance unit witnesses a frightening display of orbital fire, and hear an incredible crash. Racing to the scene, they find a ship from the Expeditionary Force crashed into the earth, with seemingly no survivors.

As they begin the grim task of scavenging the wreckage for supplies, Sue Graham appears, video camera in hand. Shocked at her callous disregard for the survival of her fellow crewmates, Scott learns that she is a member of the 36th Squadron Intelligence Department, Jupiter Section, and her mission is to record everything happening for review by Admiral Hunter himself so that the REF can gain valuable intelligence on the Invid occupying Earth.

She warns the group that the Invid will be along soon, and she's right. Outnumbered, the freedom fighters overturn their mecha and hide, hoping the Invid will see their equipment as just more slag metal from the crash. While in hiding, Graham gives Scott and his team hope, and valuable information on the resources the REF will be using to attack Reflex Point: Shadow Fighters, Synchro Cannons, and more.

Guessing that the Invid may be looking for a downed Synchro Cannon even now that Sue hid nearby, the team attempts to create a distraction while Rand salvages the cannon. Unfortunately, it proves impossible, and Rand detonates the cannon to keep it out of enemy hands. Corg appears on the scene and a savage fight ensues while Sue videotapes the whole thing, especially focusing on the humanoid Corg. But when shrapnel kills Sue, it also hits Marlene, drawing blood that is the same greenish color as Corg's!

Marlene runs into the woods as the rest of the freedom fighters stand dumbstruck.

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