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Ranks were graded titles used by military organizations to establish a heirarchy of command and responsibility. The Earth forces use a unique set of ranks drawn from the traditions of the several nations that now constitute the United Earth Government. Listed below are the ranks known to have been used.

Ranks Used in the Original Series


Officer Ranks

Other Ranks/Enlisted Personnel

  • Non-Comissioned Officers (NCOs)
  • Other Enlisted Personnel
    • Private
      • Private First Class (presumably)
      • Private Second Class

Rank-Like Titles

Several titles are use that are not traditionally recognized as ranks, or are used in such a way to indicate that they are not ranks. Characters addressd and/or referenced by these titles have a separate rank.

Supreme Commander (see article)

Chief of Staff (sometimes addressed simply as "Chief") is an appointment to the most senior position in the staff of a general officer or command. Rolf Emerson has this appointment.

Flight Lieutenant (Dennis Brown) and Flight Sergeant (Kenneth Russell) are used in a way to imply that the Lieutenant or Sergeant in question is an aviator.

Officer is used as a generic form of address for a junior officer (Claudia Grant).

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