Tomahawk 2006

An early destroid from Project Excalibur.

Project Excalibur was a United Earth Government project, along with the Lancer Space Fighter and Project Valkyrie, to prepare Earth for a possible alien attack following the arrival of the SDF-1.

The project was seen as a more conventional application of Robotechnology over Project Valkyrie with the aim to create heavily fortified mobile ground units otherwise known as destroids. The Project was headed by Colonel Anatole Leonard.

The project began in 2001. (Robotech Infopedia)

In 2006, when Project Valkyrie was briefly suspended due to numerous accidents it was planned for its resources were to be assigned in part of Project Excalibur. (Robotech: From the Stars comic: "The Gathering Storm")

The project would prove to be a success with a range of destroids entering into service, starting with the Destroid Tomahawk in 2006. (Robotech Infopedia)

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