Type: Inorganic
Affiliation: Invid Regent
Height: 5.2 m
Depth: 1.2 m
Breadth: 2.4 m
Armaments: Laser Pistol
Crew: none

The Odeon is another of the Inorganics in the Invid arsenal. As is true with all Inorganics, the Odeon is an unliving machine built with the sole purpose of carrying out the will of the Regent or the Invid Brain.

While the Odeon will engage in offensive attacks, it is designed, and used primarily as a labor force in construction and detail work. At 5.2 m, the Odeon is a giant slave laborer, but with its large size and bulky frame comes sluggish mobility.

On land, the Odeon cannot surpass 60 kph and can leap 10 m in either height or length (the Invid Cougar can run as fast as 257 kph and leap 24 m by comparison). In water, it is almost incapacitated moving at a mere 10 kph.

What the Odeon lacks in mobility and agility, it more than makes up for in firepower and strength. Of all the Invid Inorganics, the Odeon can withstand the most damage. Destroying the head will only blind the machine, and only the complete destruction of the body will disable the Odeon. The heavily armored body will withstand repeated hits by small and medium sized lasers.

Each hand of the Odeon features a compact, but potent laser. This laser, looking like a head of a bird, connects to the three fingers of the Odeon and is detachable. This laser has three levels of intensity, but the range is cut down as the power is increased. At the lowest power level, the laser has a range of 3000', and at the highest power level it can target up to 2000'.


Secondary continuity

Tertiary sources

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