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Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
Type: Destroyer
Length: 390 m
Beam: 173 m
Draft: 64 m
Armaments: 2 x main particle cannons
2 x secondary particle cannons
18 x torpedo launchers
32 x single barrel defensive Beam cannons
Crew: 144

The Oberth class was a type of space faring destroyer fielded by the Robotech Defense Force and was one of the first human created starships. The class was developed before Robotechnology was fully understood by Humanity and lacked some of the advances made through the study of the SDF-1. (Robotech Infopedia)

The Oberth class was a general purpose design with more range than the Armors, and with a heavier fixed forward beam armament. They also had a missile battery aft in the hull, although it could not fire as many missiles as the system on the larger vessels. Nor did the Oberth carry any fighters. Six large engines flanked the aft hull on both sides of the missile battery, and these gave the ships a reasonable maneuverability. (Robotech Infopedia)

Early in the history of the RDF, the Oberth was used to assist Mars Base Sara. When it was attacked by an advance Zentraedi scout force, and the ship drove off the Cyclops Recon Pod. As the staff evacuated, the ship was blownup by a Zentraedi Destroyer. (Mars Base One Part Five)

Much like the Armor series, the Oberth class fought during the initial arrival of the Zentraedi fleet, when at least two of them were destroyed, and the ships were shown to be sitting ducks for the long range cannons used by the Zentraedi. ("Boobytrap, Countdown") No new Oberth vessels were built afterwards. (Infopedia) In Dolza's attack on the planet, most of the remaining ships were destroyed. ("Force of Arms")


Tertiary sources


For the Macross equivalent, visit Oberth-class.

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