Nova Satori is one of the highest ranking women in the elite GMP officer and acts as Colonel Alan Fredericks' aide. Part of her job is to keep after the infamous 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps.


Second Robotech War

She was the highest ranking female officer in the Global Military Police of the Southern Cross Army. She arrested Dana Sterling for a brawl at the space port with Marie Crystal's squadron, and Bowie Grant for being at off-limits bars playing piano.

Although appealingly attractive, Nova maintains a cold outer shell. She is a soldier first and foremost. Nova is a by-the-book officer, yet loses her cool over Zor Prime. She accidentally reveals military top secrets to him while trying to debrief him. She is calm, cool, and collected. She gradually loosens up over time and helps the members of the 15th ATAC squadron bring the violent war to its resolution, as well as helping to lead the clones abandoned by the Robotech Masters to safety after they were written off by their leaders.

She survived the Second Robotech War alongside Dennis Brown, Marie Crystal, the surviving Tirolians and the rest of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps.

Behind the scenes

Nova's name translates as "New Enlightenment" from the Latin Nova for new and the Japanese Buddhist term Satori for enlightenment.

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