Musica was one of the muses of the Robotech Masters. Their music was used to keep the clones complacent and obedient. Musica was the mistress of the Cosmic Harp. Octavia, in yellow, played a dulcimer-like instrument and Allegra, in the pink, played a stringed instrument resembling a Cello.

Much to the dismay of her sisters, Musica rebelled against her people's way of life after meeting Bowie Grant and experiencing emotions for the first time. Her confusion grew after she refused the arranged pairing with Karno. She later fled with the 15th squad after she betrayed her people and freed the ATAC members. Musica helped Zor Prime regain his memories. She mourned the death of her sister, Octavia, while she and the remnants of the 15th tried to lead her people to safety in the final main battle of the war.

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