Type: Light Fan Jet Racer
Crew: Rick Hunter
The Mockingbird was a civilian aircraft piloted by Rick Hunter.


A jet-plane was owned by Rick Hunter and was gifted to him by Roy Fokker after the end of the Global War. (From the Stars) It was heavily wrecked during the SDF-1's Space Fold away from the Earth, which accidentally expanded to take Macross Island and the sea around it, (Macross Saga: Space Fold) although in an alternate timeline where the Fold was kept in the area of the ship, the shuttle was still stuck in the fold due to its close proximity. (Robotech/Voltron) Rick was unable to salvage the wreck, and instead replaced it with a shuttle won by his girlfriend Lynn Minmei during the Miss Macross Competition (Macross Saga: Miss Macross, Homecoming, Robotech: Little White Dragon)


For the Macross equivalent, visit Fan Racer.

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