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Max Sterling
Max Sterling
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 1990
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 1.81 m
Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
Spouse(s): Miriya Sterling
Children: Dana Sterling

Maia Sterling

Voice Actor: Cam Clarke

Maximillian Sterling was one of the first of the many young men from Macross City to enlist in the Robotech Defense Force after the Zentraedi attack on Earth. Max was preternaturally talented with near-perfect fighting judgment. He was possibly recognized to be the most dangerous Veritech combat pilot in RDF by Khyron.


Before the First Robotech War

Ben and Max

Max and Ben on Earth in 2009. (Love & War: Part 1)

Max and Ben Dixon were on Macross Island for the maiden launch of the SDF-1. However, the Zentraedi attacked. Max was one of the first to see a Zentaedi in person, and was saved by Jonathan Wolfe. He volunteered to rebuild Macross City which was inside of the SDF-1. Due to boredom, he and Ben volunteered for the SDF-1 military forces and several months after their training, Max made a promise to Ben's mother to ensure his safety.

First Robotech War

He was initially assigned to Rick Hunter's Vermillion attack squad and quickly distinguishes himself in battle. Unfortunately, he distinguished himself a bit too well. He defeated Miriya, a Zentraedi combat ace. Revenge became her obsession. Max, unaware of who Miriya is, ran into her in a video arcade challenge. Once again, Max beat her and because of his skills, Miriya assumed that he was the pilot. As she stormed off in anger, Max grabed her wrist and asked her on a date. She accepted and plotted to kill him. But she failed the assassination and beged Max to kill her. Max couln't and put his finger under her chin and said he couln't harm her because she is "so beautiful." Miriya suddenly falls in love with Max, and they passionately kissed. Max asked her to marry him, and she accepted.

Wedding Bells

Max and Miriya are wed. (Macross Saga: Wedding Bells)

They used the same knives they used to try to kill each other with for cutting the cake at the ceremony attended by all their friends and was broadcasted on tv across the SDF-1. The wedding is the first symbol of peace and understanding between the two races.

Later, he was put in varios commands under Rick Hunter (Black Group, Vermillion Team, and Skull Squadron).

After the First Robotech War

Dana young

A baby Dana in Max's arms. (Macross Saga: Reconstruction Blues)

Soon after the end of the war, Max and Miriya had a daughter, Dana Sterling, who would be one of the heroes in the war with the Second Robotech War.

Crystal War

By the time of the Crystal War, Max was the leader of Skull Squadron.

Pioneer Expedition

He was Rick Hunter's Top Advisor and friend on the SDF-3 before it departed from Earth, leaving Dana, his daughter, in the care of his friend and Southern Cross chief-of-staff, Rolf Emerson, on Earth alongside Bowie Grant
Max and Rick

Max and his commander and friend Rick Hunter.

During the Expedition, he had another daughter named Maia Sterling in the mid of the War on the Local Group of Fantoma.

The Third Robotech War

He was onboard the SDF-3 during the testing of the Neutron-S Missiles were the SDF-3 was badly damaged in the explosion, his fate is unknown. (Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles)


For his Macross counterpart, visit Maximilian Jenius.

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