Marlene Stardust

Marlene shortly before her death. (Masters Saga: "Stardust")

For other meanings of "Marlene" see "Marlene (disambiguation)"

Marlene was the sister of George Sullivan. She was killed during the first battle of the Second Robotech War. (Masters Saga: "Stardust") It was her death that made him join the Global Military Police. (Masters Saga: "Stardust")

Behind the Scenes

In the original Japanese version of Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross, Marlene's equivalent character was not the sister of the George Sullivan character, but the girlfriend. The change is somewhat odd for the show -- while other shows at the same time would have very quickly made a change of the sort, Robotech was well known for leaving adult content (such as deaths and romance) entirely intact. The name of 'Marlene' is ironic in this regard, as another character with the same name would serve nearly the same role to Scott Bernard one generation later.

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