Marcus Rush was a Veritech pilot, born in deep space during the 22-year-long Pioneer Expedition, who was a key individual near the end of the Third Robotech War and the beginning of the Fourth. He was the sibling to Marlene Rush, and was very close with both her and her boyfriend, Scott Bernard. The supposed death of both of them left him bitter at the Invid, filled with wishes of revenge for his lost family. Marcus served in Wolf Squadron, until the death of their commander meant a merge with Skull Squadron, under the Command of Maia Sterling.


Early Life

Marcus Rush was born in deep space during the Pioneer Expedition.

Third Robotech War

He and Alex Romero were members of the Wolf Squadron led by Daryll Taylor during the Third Robotech War, until The Battle of Reflex Point, where Daryl was killed during combat. Wolf Squadron was merged with the Skull Squadron, led by Maia Sterling. Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

Fourth Robotech War

He was part of the Icarus's crew during the Battle of the Space Station Liberty against the Haydonites, where he saw his best friend Alex sacrifice himself during the battle. Later he and the Skull Squadron fought off hordes of Haydonites fighters until Maia's Fighter was damage by a direct hit. He attempted to sacrifice himself to save Maia and sent her inside the Ark Angel's fold as he fought off the Haydonites attacking the ship. Ariel transported him inside the Ark Angel's Bridge just before his Alpha could explode, saving him. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)



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