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Lynn Kyle was the cousin of Lynn Minmei, as well as a self-styled “anti-war activist." Like Rick Hunter, he initially detested war and fighting, but eventually became a part of the military to better himself and to keep Minmei safe.


Early life

Lynn Kyle was born 1989 to Lynn Lina and Lynn Max in China. At some point, his parents moved to Yokohama, Japan, where his Aunt and Uncle had started a Chinese Restaurant called the "Golden Dragon." During his youth, he was very close to his cousin, Minmei.

Mars Base One Kyle

Kyle at an Anti-Unification protest. (Mars Base One: Part Two)

By 2003, Kyle had joined the Anti-Unification League. During that year, he was at a protest in his home town in which had turned violent. At the time, the League was already known as a terrorist movement (Mars Base One: Part Two), although Kyle would later call it the "peace movement." (Macross Saga: "Homecoming") A news transmission viewed by Lisa Hayes and Karl Riber showed Kyle, and Lisa noted that the two men looked very similar. (Mars Base One: Part Two)

Sometime before 2006, Kyle's parents moved to Macross Island to open a Chinese Restaurant. Minmei came with them due to unknown reasons. (Robotech: From the Stars: Conflict of Interest)

After sometime on the island, however, Kyle decided that it was a bad idea for an member of the peace movement to live on a military island, and decided to move away without telling his parents or Minmei of his plans. This made Minmei very worried, as she feared that she would never see him again. He traveled to many places, eventually settling back in Yokohama, Japan to study. When he tried to visit Minmei on the island in 2009, he couldn't get a boat that would go near it, and learned that it had been destroyed. (Macross Saga: "Homecoming")

First Robotech War

Kyle came to the SDF-1 after his cousin, Lynn Minmei, visited him in Japan. (Macross Saga: Homecoming) He displayed an early not-so-subtle interest in Minmei and later became her assistant and program manager. He eventually admitted that he had considered proposing to Minmei. (Macross Saga: Showdown)

Despite asserting to be an anti-war activist, Kyle was very warlike, who often opted to argue with others rather than resorting to alternative peaceful solutions. Instead of trying to advocate peace and help calm them down, engaged in combat and displays his prowess in martial arts.

Not only did he showed impertinence towards Rick Hunter, but he also does so with Captain Henry Gloval (Macross Saga: The Messenger) and Lisa Hayes (Macross Saga: Broken Heart).

Post-First Robotech War

In a later event, Kyle rallied the people of New Detroit to drive Rick Hunter and his squadron out of the city and to take over the protection of the Protoculture matrix, which was threatened by Khyron. In doing so, Kyle made it very easy for Khyron to invade, kill all local citizens defending the matrix and capture the matrix. (Macross Saga: Khyron's Revenge)

Kyle leaves Minmei

Kyle says goodbye to Lynn Minmei as he wanders into the night. He would not be positively identified for another 15 years. (Macross Saga: "Private Time")

Kyle left Minmei after the two grew apart, and told her that he would be going on a trip: promising that they'd meet again. (Macross Saga: "Private Time") Kyle would be officially noted as "missing" shortly after this, (Macross Saga: "Season's Greetings") and was considered to be most-likely-dead by 2022. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: I Do!)

Pioneer Expedition

After leaving Minmei, Kyle became a part of the Pioneer Expedition on the SDF-3, although it is unclear what sort of role he served, as he mainly seemed to live under various false identities and disguises.

Kyle was present at the Wedding of Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes, in 2022, where he disguised himself as a caterer. He was almost recognized by Jonathan Wolfe, but he ran out of the room before Wolfe could get a closer look at him -- Wolf deciding the comparison was an effect of him having watched "too many Kung-Fu movies." (Robotech II: The Sentinels: I Do!)

Lynn Kyle is sneaky

Kyle watches over Minmei on board the SDF-3. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Stranded)

By a complete coincidence, Minmei also ended up on the SDF-3, after getting caught in the ship's Space Fold in a small EVA 2 Pod. After being saved by Jonathan Wolfe and suffering from lack of oxygen, Minmei ended up in the local sick bay, where she was left to rest. Kyle visited her as she slept, disguised as a nurse, and voiced his surprise in seeing her again.

Kyle the Creeper - Pursued!

Lynn Kyle, disguised as a janitor, watches Lynn Minmei and Jonathan Wolf embrace from a distance. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Pursued!)

A short time later, Kyle watched from a distance as Minmei thanked Wolfe for saving her. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Book 1 10) Kyle watched their relationship expand from a distance during this time, at one point disguised as a janitor. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Pursued!)

When part of the Robotech Expeditionary Force left Tirol and the SDF-3 to join the Sentinels on-board the Farrago, Lynn Minmei refused to sing for them, as she was tired of being a toy for other people. She instead decided to sing by herself in the SDF-3's lounge, and for the last time. Unbeknownst to her, Kyle was behind the controls of the room's intercom, and switched it on for all members of both ships to watch. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Farewell)

The RDF Civil War

Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles Kyle

Kyle is found by Rick Hunter and Jean Grant. (Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles: The Enemy Within)

During T.R. Edwards's rebellion against Rick Hunter, he was killed in an attempt to protect Minmei from Edwards. His body was later found by Rick and his men.


For the Macross equivalent, visit Lynn Kaifun.

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