Living Protoculture

Louie Nichols is attacked by Living Protoculture (Masters Saga: Dana In Wonderland)

Living Protoculture was a type of genetically engineered life form created by the Robotech Masters and were part of their central computer system on-board Tirolian Mothership. They were part of the defensive system which crafted tendrils that paralyzed anyone that attacked the main computer.

During the Second Robotech War, Louie Nichols of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps managed to infiltrate the Tirolian flagship where he worked to destroy the central computer. Using an energy rifle, he attempted to attack it but the defensive system knocked the weapon from his hand with the Living Protoculture knocking him unconscious with a paralyzing charge from its tendrils.

This allowed the clone Karno to apprehend the Human and the success was reported by one of the Triumvirates.


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