Krohn was a male Zentraedi who had risen to a command rank within the Imperial Zentraedi Forces by the early 21st century.

In 2005, his vessel entered into the Earth solar system, which was the projected location of Zor's Battle Fortress - the SDF-1. Upon entry, his ships sensors detected a Reflex Furnace on the fourth planet known as Mars. Feeling that this was the site of the Battlefortress, he dispatched three of his Zentraedi warriors to scout the site. They managed to cripple Mars Base One that was being operated by Humans that had reverse-engineered Robotechnology. However, the arrival of a larger Human vessel forced the scout team to retreat to Lord Krohn. Krohn used his warships weapons to destroy the Human starship and he decided to report the findings of Robotechnology to Dolza himself. This was because he felt that Dolza would award him true Lordship over a Zentraedi Armada as a reward for discovering the SDF-1. This was due to the fact that he believed the recovery of the Protoculture Matrix would make the Zentraedi invincible.

Just at that point, his ships sensors detected the presence of a Reflex Weapon on Mars aiming for his vessel. Whilst he ordered a Space Fold, his ship was unable to escape the weapons blast as there was not enough time to make the jump into hyperspace. As a result, Lord Krohn was killed by the weapon but not before his forces had damaged the Human Martian bases life support which led to any remaining personnel on the facility to die. Furthermore, the Zentraedi forces under Breetai's command would later enter into the system and begin the First Robotech War.


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