Karno was a male Tirolian clone who was a member of the warrior triumvirates of the Robotech Masters.

He accompanied his people onboard the Tirolian Motherships during their journey to Earth in order to obtain Zor's Protoculture Matrix that was located within the ruins of the SDF-1. By the time of their arrival, he along with his fellow members of the triumvirate were selected to be the mates for the Muses. During the Second Robotech War, Karno was rejected by his chosen mate Musica as she had fallen in love with the Human Bowie Grant.

As a result, he dedicated himself to fighting off the Human forces of the Army of the Southern Cross in order to recover the Protoculture Matrix as well as prepare for the coming of the Invid.

Behind the Scenes 

In the novels by Jack McKinney, Karno was stated to have also been influenced by human emotions like Musica, although the emotion was hatred instead of love. He also was the one who fatally shot Octavia, and was killed shortly after when Sean Phillips crushed him with the foot of his Veritech Hover Tank  in battloid mode.  However, this information is from an non-canonical source and not mentioned anywhere within the Robotech universe or its supporting material. His Triumvirate brothers were named as Darsis and Sookol in the novels.



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