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Dr. Jean Grant was a lieutenant commander in the Expeditionary Medical Corps and the chief physician of the Icarus. She was the wife of Vince Grant and the mother of Bowie Grant.


Jean was stationed on Macross Island in 2009 when the SDF-1 took off. In an alternate timeline created by the Omega Comet, Jean was one of the Doctors who looked over the comatose Keith Kogane until he awoke in 2014. She informed T.R. Edwards immediately after this. (Robotech/Voltron: 3) This timeline was reverted. (Robotech/Voltron: 5)

In the regular timeline, Jean and the rest of the SDF-1 was caught up in the Space Fold of the SDF-1 and was brought into deep-space with the space fortress. She and the rest of the civilians took up life within the ship. (Macross Saga: Space Fold, The Long Wait, et al.)