A Broadcast Tower.

Invid Broadcast Towers were outposts used by the Invid race and were deployed on the Earth after it was conquered by the Regess.

One such tower was located near the great western desert and was detected by Marlene when she accompanied Scott Bernard's band of resistance fighters into the wasteland region. During this time, they encountered a quartet of former resistance fighters and their Garfish class cruiser. However, these fighters had abandoned the resistance as they were tired of the endless conflict. Despite this being the case, one of the resistance fighters named Gabby heard a transmission from the Robotech Expeditionary Force urging all fighters to attack all Invid Broadcast Towers. Gabby then engaged in a lone suicidal attack against the tower that cost him his life.

Afterwards, Bernard led his forces in an attack on the Broadcast Tower, which was fiercely defended by endless swarms of Invid Scouts. However, Bernard and his allies were aided by the timely arrival of the Garfish crew who had decided to participate in honor of Gabby. The Garfish managed to push through the defending Invid forces, but was critically damaged in the effort. The ship's Captain then sent the vessel into a suicidal plunge into the Tower. Now stuck in the large Invid outpost, he ordered the crew to disable the safeties on the Garfish's warheads. The captain then detonated the warheads, which destroyed the Tower at the cost of the resistance fighters' lives.


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