The living computer. (Robotech II: The Sentinels)

The Invid Brain, also known as a Living Computer, was an advanced organic based supercomputer created by the Invid to direct the operations of their Hives as well as their military forces. Their abilities allowed them to also direct the hordes of Inorganics that were used by the Regent. Invid commanders were often advised by the Brains due to their advanced analytical skills.

Known Brains

  • One Brain was transplanted to the world of Tirol after it was conquered by the Regent and assisted Obsim in the scouring of the planet in an effort to locate the Protoculture Matrix. This brain later directed its forces against the Robotech Expeditionary Force where it was deactivated by T. R. Edwards Ghost Squadron. General Edwards would later reactivate the Brain to awaken the inactive Inorganics for use against the REF during his insurrection.
  • A Brain was present on an Invid flagship where it advised commander Senep when they encountered the Farrago. But before they could respond, the flagship and its brain were destroyed by the Sentinels vessel.
  • A further Brain was stationed at Karbarra which was a cutting of the great brain and handled the garrison that protected the planet. Initially, it responded to the threat of the Sentinels but lowered its guard when Tesla claimed that he had brought prisoners. This was a trick and the Sentinels used the opportunity to launch a surprise ambush where the brain vowed to kill Tesla only to be destroyed during the liberation of Karbarra.
  • One Brain was present on Garuda when the world was part of the Sentinels liberation effort. As the Invid were losing, the brain decided to kill itself by exposing itself to the toxic atmosphere of the planet which left it brain dead. The REF forces attempted to study it but the brain had merged with the planetary ecosystem allowing it to mind control all those that breathed in its toxic atmosphere which forced the REF to destroy it in order to free their Garudan allies.
  • A Brain was located on Optera where it advised the Regent on events and directed the defense of the Invid homeworld when a Karbarran strike force arrived to assassinate the ruler of the Invid.
    • In Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, the Brain falls under the control of General Edwards who uses it to take control of the Invid forces against the REF. During the battle, it along with Edwards are pushed into the Genesis Pit by Janice Em but instead of being killed; General Edwards merges into a hybrid being with it until killed later on.


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