Haydonite Infiltrator

An Infiltrator confronts Janice Em. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)

Infiltrators were a type of elite mecha developed by the Haydonites for the purpose of stealth missions. As a result, they were nimble in their design and their insectile forms allowed them to enter into enemy territory undetected. These mecha were not designed with direct confrontations in mind but instead used a Shadow Dimensional Field in order to infiltrate behind enemy lines. Once there, they entered into enemy installations and crippled their foes by destroying critical systems. Their weaponry consisted of turrets located on the two front legs. Pilots were able to enter the mecha and remotely operate it from a limited distance.

These mecha were encountered by the United Earth Forces in the time after the Third Robotech War. This came when the Haydonites betrayed the Robotech Expeditionary Force as part of the mysterious objective of the Awareness. The events saw the Battle of Space Station Liberty where the Haydonite forces decimated the Human fleet. During the battle, the Haydonite commanders determined that the hybrid Janice Em was present on Space Station Liberty. They believed she had useful knowledge on the location of the SDF-3 and thus thought the android could lead them to the Protoculture Matrix. However, failing that, they decided that she was too dangerous for being amongst the Earth people and would eliminate her.

A detachment of elite fighters were dispatched that consisted of Infiltrators attached to Wraiths. These attackers managed to deposit the Infiltrator mecha where a trio of them massacred the guards escorting Janice Em to detention. A Haydonite attempted to take Janice Em but the android refused whereupon it commanded an Infiltrator to destroy her. However, two of the Infiltrators were destroyed by Cyclone riders Vince Grant and Scott Bernard. The third nearly terminated Bernard until Captain Grant fatally damaged the commanding Haydonite thus leading to the Infiltrator deactivating as its remote link was severed.

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