Helmet monitor

A member of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps using a Helmet Monitor in a downed Tirolian ship. (Robotech: The Robotech Masters: "The Trap")

Helmet monitors were devices developed by the United Earth Government and were in use by the time after the First Robotech War. These surveillance machines consisted of some of the most advanced Robotechnology equipment available that remotely sent their observations back to headquarters. This allowed command centers to watch the progress of scouting teams.

Rolf Emerson and members of the Army of the Southern Cross used the monitors of the Alpha Tactical Armored Corps during Dana Sterling's infiltration mission of the Tirolian Mothership. During their observation of the footage, Emerson wished that the monitors were capable of seeing around corners. At this time, the Robotech Masters initiated their trap to study the Humans and saw their radios as well as Louie Nichols optic sensor being jammed. (Masters Saga: "The Trap")


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